Raincoats & Wedding Dresses

Raincoats & Wedding Dresses

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as of 25 April

A Hogmanay proposal, dress shopping, a spring wedding… it’s time to celebrate with Paul & Kirsty in Raincoats & Wedding Dresses.

Paul is in unfamiliar territory. He’s never been in a long-term relationship before. And just after he pulls off the perfect proposal, disturbing news threatens his fledgling salon. Can he find joy in the midst of turmoil?

Kirsty’sdream wedding is in danger of being derailed by family fall-outs and Paul’s past. Can she be a peacemaker and achieve the resolutions she desperately needs?

Jennifer is loving life as an Interior Design student. But an unexpected test result has her questioning everything once again. As she learns to love God with all her heart, soul and mind, can she navigate this latest twist in her journey?

Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul for the final instalment in the Raincoats & Sunglasses series.

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